Best Ketchikan Shore Excursions
Top Ketchikan Tours

Some to the top Ketchikan shore excursions include:

Misty Fjords – if the weather cooperates this can be one of the most memorable shore excursions during your Alaskan cruise. There are many different providers of flightseeing tours as well as boat tours. Some only do Misty Fjords, other offer some additional options.

Fishing charter – A salmon charter may be a great option depending on when in the Alaskan cruise season you arrive in Ketchikan. In early season there isn’t a lot to catch but from mid-summer on the salmon fishing can be fantastic. Salmon fishing in Alaska is all about the timing of the salmon runs. If they are there chances are fishing will be fantastic.

Depending on the amount of time you have in port, a halibut charter may be an option. These are typically full day charters and unfortunately don’t work with many of the cruise schedules.

Totem poles – a look at true Alaskan history. This is the best stop on your Alaskan cruise to see totem poles. There are tours available or you can self-navigate. The advantage of a guided tour is that you’ll probably learn a bit more about what you’re seeing than going self-guided.

Lumberjack show – fun and relaxing. Worth checking out if you have the time.